Web Design

Designing or redesigning a website to successfully fit brand strategy can be a complex process, as it entails a comprehensive approach to communication. To achieve a good solution, it pays to have solid planning. I work with my clients to develop a well-rounded approach to web projects, insuring that each phase is understood and fully conceived.

As a creative professional trained in the graphic arts, I have long focused on web design and development. This means that I can take a brand vision from its infancy to full realization in digital media. I present designs and discuss them with clients, always listening intently to feedback. Once we've arrived at an approach, i hand-code the front-end user interface so that it's standards compliant. I test my work rigorously on multiple platforms for quality assurance.

I advocate the deployment of open-source content management solutions for websites, and recommend Drupal as one of the best in this class. For larger projects, I am able to team with expert back-end developers to provide a wide array of solutions for client needs.