Branding is to an organization what personality is to an an individual. All of an organization's communication is centered around the brand: it sets the tone and should capture the essence. It's true that a logo should be simple and powerful, which is easier said than done. Attaining a single image that says everything requires skill by a designer, not only in the areas of graphic arts, but in their ability to get to know their client.

Branding does not stop at the logo, in fact it should begin there. The next step is to create a set of style guides that further define the brand, including: how to correctly use the logo, the overall color palette, typography (fonts, weights, sizes) for all applications, photography and a voice for messaging. This process establishes a strong brand, which is invaluable.

I firmly believe that the branding process isn't just for companies with large marketing budgets. Small to mid-size organizations can benefit greatly and compete more effectively with a well-tailored brand. Working together, I craft brand strategy that suits my clients' needs and resources.