Practice what you preach: a confession

I advise all my clients who ask, "should i do a blog?" by saying:

only do one if you want to. a blog is a great way to build your site's content, increase your rank in search engines, and build reputation as an expert in your field." but, i also add, "you have to update it. it becomes a liability and makes you look bad if you don't post for long periods of time.

it appears i haven't followed my own advice, the date of my previous post is from last august.

as most of us know, it can be difficult to start a new habit. you can say to yourself, "i'm going to be diligent and stick to a plan (like exercising or dieting or filing taxes)," but in the end, the best new habits are the ones we want to do (like eating pastries, watching movies or just about anything fun ;-)

so, i'm not going to use my lapse as a reason to kick myself for not doing what i said i would (like going to church or buying a gym membership). instead i'm thinking about it as one of those many lessons we have in life that are almost always born out of making a mistake. this lesson i've learned is:

it's only fun if it's fun.