A free logo for everyone

many of us in business find that it makes sense to name our venture after ourselves, especially in the professional services industry. doctors, lawyers, architects, real estate agents, CPAs and more do this quite frequently. so for those folks, i have a very effective idea for their branding, and best of all, it's free.

here’s a simple approach to create a memorable logo for yourself that is infused with credibility:

  1. take a black sharpie and write your name on a piece of white paper.
  2. scan or take a picture to get it into digital form.
  3. get fancy applying color if you're so inclined.

that's it, you've got a logo that is unique, captures the essence of your personality and literally says who you are. it completely satisfies the brand mission of most professionals, and achieves rule #1 of identity marks: it's memorable.

by the way, you may have already scanned your signature so you can sign forms that you attach to email or fax, but it may be a good idea not to do the same one you use to sign checks. you don't want to provide a roadmap to forgery ;-)

after all, the first words we learn to write are our name. this is so we can put it on everything we do for the rest of our lives. it’s a good thing to put your name on your work. your signature does as much as a portrait to create that personal connection with those you are trying to reach. i use my signature on every one of my idea pages on this site.

want to see it applied? my good friend and partner in crime, Jay Beaton did this. Jay's not a designer, he's a web developer, and he came up with this on his own. we think alike in many ways, and i'd had this idea as a branding approach rolling around in my head but we'd never discussed it.

design thinking in business for free, who could could ask for more!